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Jean Louis Diaz

I’m Jean-Louis, a French-Australian visual artist. I live close to Aix-en-Provence with my wife Fiona, a designer, in the beautiful and historic village of Jouques, where I paint whenever possible.

We encourage slow living and, given the proximity of our village to lovely surroundings and abundant forest, we offer art classes without the need to travel anywhere else.

Walking trails into the picturesque rural surroundings are just minutes from our village home, whilst the village itself abounds with numerous architectural features and quaint streets. The warm light of Provence changes constantly and inspiration is all around – so why not stay a while to fully experience it?

Jean-Louis has intimate knowledge of Jouques, and took me to a beautiful spot looking over the village to facilitate a drawing lesson. I spent a very enjoyable morning learning Jean-Louis’s techniques which I have since been able to utilise in my own art practice.

Miles Noel


ART CLASSES: general information for our workshops and retreats

Our classes offer an easy and direct approach to drawing and painting. We can also customise our programs to your skill level. 

Jean-Louis will explain how to observe the location and make choices for a great composition. He’ll also share valuable insight on how to convert your 3D vision into a 2D representation.

Light, shadow, colour, shape, scale and size are the basic elements that you’ll learn to manipulate in composing your artworks.

We supply plenty of technical information, tips and tricks. Each stage has been designed to build your confidence and fuel your passion for art!

rue Grande outside the local history museum
rue Grande outside the local history museum

One-day workshop: details

9.30-12.30: Meet in the atelier.
Introduction to composition and tonal value.
Drawing en-plein-air, rural or village setting.

12.30-14.00: Lunch break.

14.00-18.00: Reconvene back in the atelier.
Basics in watercolour painting techniques.
Painting en-plein-air.

We aim to:

  • help you gain confidence and knowledge in sound technique,
  • fuel your passion and drive to pursue your art practice.

We assure you of:

  • authenticity
  • warm hospitality
  • a beautiful, historic village
  • space to de-stress 
  • public transport from Aix

Click here to book our one-day workshop online via AirBnB.

Workshops and Retreats

On enquiry, we’ll send you full information about the workshop and/or retreat:

  • All prices and inclusions
  • Materials to be supplied
  • What you may want to bring
  • Meal options on workshop days
  • Transport and parking options

We’ll also send you a brief questionnaire about your artistic experience and skill-base. This will help us to customise our program to suit your specific needs.

While we schedule some retreats, most of our art classes are on-demand, so contact us with your enquiry and preferred dates in Summer 2021.

Four-day retreats: general

Our FOUR DAY RETREATS include plein-air drawing and painting – choose from our ‘Drawing + painting’ retreat and our NEW ‘Painting with oil-encaustic’ retreat.

Five nights accommodation is included for each retreat. See our ACCOMMODATION page for information about our two guest suites. Prices are very reasonable; a price list will be sent on request. All materials are supplied.

Breakfasts are not included as our self-catering facilities offer an opportunity to fully enjoy the village experience – visit the local boulangeries and cafés! Use of the fully-equipped guest kitchen-dining room is included in your accommodation package. However, lunch on day-one will be provided.

We include a bonus FREE session of ‘Discover how to play pètanque’ – this evening experience includes aperitif (local Rosé and nibbles) and is a lot of fun!

Water colour
Water colour class in progress
Atelier Gallery
Atelier Gallery

Drawing + painting retreat: outline

This program can be customised for most skill levels.

Day 1: Key elements of composition
Learn how to compose and use light + tonal value to structure your drawing. 
Drawing and painting en-plein-air, rural or village setting.

Day 2: Colour pure and simple
You’ll be shown how to get the most from colour in your painting.
Drawing and painting en-plein-air, rural or village setting.

Day 3: Your choice of media
Visits to chosen locations.
Use of chosen media on ~ A4 quality art paper.

Day 4: Introduction to oil-encaustic

AM Final en-plein-air session
Your choice of location and media.

PM Oil-encaustic – demonstration and discussion. Opacity versus transparency in painting. Review all work, mount and pack for safe travel.

You’ll have access to the atelier at all times.

NEW: painting with oil-encaustic, four-day retreat

Recap the basics of painting with oils, then add cold-encaustic medium and be amazed!

Learn the advantages of working with this fast drying adaptable medium, as well as loads of Jean-Louis’ techniques, tips and tricks.

Feel flows study#5
Feel flows study#5

This retreat aims to introduce (or consolidate) the many facets of using oil paints with cold-encaustic medium.

Jean-Louis is an accomplished artist with a passion for colour and luminosity – this passion forms the basis of our new program.

Retreats are available ON-DEMAND for Summer 2021.

Email us with an expression of interest with your preferred dates in 2021: July, August and early September. 

Prices available on request.

Our one-day Art Workshop on AirBnB – easy to book . . .