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Jean-Louis Diaz

As a visual arts educator, I’ve tried my hand at all sorts of techniques and materials. However, for my own work, I keep coming back to painting as my main expression and oils as my preferred medium. My passion is working in oils with an oil-based encaustic medium.

I would describe myself as a ‘colourist’ and this, I think, is evident in my work in the gallery below. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my work, or want to come and visit my atelier.

Fiona Diaz

I have always been interested in drawing and design and studied photography and illustration as part of my Bachelor of Arts (Graphics) degree. These days, looking at things with my designers’ eye is de rigeur!

In recent years I’ve embraced photography once again and am constantly inspired by my surroundings here in Provence, I just love capturing all those rustic details!

Check out my photographs below. Comments are welcome!

Current work

This is a collection I call FEEL FLOWS, which is based on the nearby river Rèal. While continuing to use oil-encaustic paints I am exploring the translucent quality of the medium. 
I have been partly inspired by the Beach Boys song called ‘Feel flows’. It is a beautifully ethereal musical composition which I hope to emulate in my visual work. Water is, of course, a great metaphor for the passage of time and reflection on life. JL

All artworks are AVAILABLE for sale unless stated as SOLD in the caption on each enlargement.

NOTE: some of the pieces shown are DETAILS of the main painting – see the caption on enlargement for specifics.

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Les sentiers de Jouques - the walking trails of Jouques

Exhibited at Artelier Provence, rue des Baumes, Jouques, France 2019

Having been based in Jouques all year round has allowed me to not only appreciate the change of seasons on the landscape, but also to explore the walking trails at the edge of the village in different conditions. I felt compelled to respond to this environment and present a collection that related to my location in Provence.

I have used a variety of media including water-colour, ink, pastel, charcoal, acrylic and oil-encaustic. JL

Urban sanctum

Selection of artworks exhibited at Harvison Gallery, Perth 2014

These paintings depict peaceful sanctuaries which are set within busy, sometimes intense, bustling cities.

It is always a pleasure to discover peaceful promenades, enclaves and niches set amongst urban environments. It is about enjoying the moment to contemplate, daydream . . . and relax. JL

Light of India

Selection of artworks exhibited at Harvison Gallery, Perth 2013

The concept for ‘Light of India‘ came about early whilst I was creating the collection, when I realized that the common thread between the diverse artworks was a certain quality of light. That also became a metaphor for India today; as diverse as the country has become, from its ancient past, it still has a common heartbeat, a constant light. JL

Tapestry of colour

Selection of artworks exhibited at the Gadfly Gallery, Perth 2012

This collection marks my return to painting on a full-time basis.

Each location, each new painting presented a new opportunity to explore and experiment. The antiquity of Istanbul, the raw beauty of the Greek Cyclades and the sheer eclectic elegance of Paris, are each unique and memorable.

For me the use of colour is paramount, as well as showing evidence of the pushing and prodding of the oil-encaustic medium in expressing my version of these places.  JL


All photographs are available as prints, both from our atelier-gallery and online. If you’d like to purchase, please email me via the ‘contact us’ button with your enquiry. F